Junker-class Salvaged Ship

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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

Basic Information
Short Name: Junker-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SV)
Crew Size: 4
Size: Medium
Tags: Survival Challenge
Buyable: No


The Junker-class is not an official class, but rather the name for a general group of designs crafted from the ruins of old ships or stations. These ships became a common sight during the ICW, as deserters fled areas of conflict on these 'junkers', unprepared for the challenges of spacer life. They have since become a rare sight, and the few surviving crews of these ships typically bear a sense of disdain to ordinary power structures, and usually have no defined captain, or even owner, of the vessel.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Assistant No 4

The Junker Class Ship is a messy wad of mismatched rooms with a severe lack of essential ship apparatus and tools including an outpost communications console and autolathe. It requires significant engineering to even get it off the space port. It has four plasma engines.

In order to activate the engines you need to first exit the ship and toggle on the outside gas pumps and the ones inside leading to the engines. Be wary of the abandoned firebot and glockroach on the ship as both are hostile (you can use the disposable gun in the welded bridge locker to destroy them). There is a captain's ID card in the floor safe the abandoned firebot is hovering over if you can manage to get it open. In the bottom left room near the engines there's another safe hidden underneath a floor tile containing the computer board for the outpost communication console, necessary for ordering things so you can fix this hunk of junk.


Icon Name Type Slots
Assistant Assistants 4