Shepherd-class Space Monastery

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Basic Information
Short Name: Shepherd-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SV)
Crew Size: 9
Size: Large
Tags: RP Focus, Botany, Service
Buyable: Yes


Best suited to the vast array of the galaxy’s pilgrims, proselytizers and prophets, the Shephard-class is, in essence, a massive mobile monastery. With a great grassy grove dominating the center of the ship, a torturously tempered temple and a brutalist, yet bountiful botany set-up, the Shepherd is well suited to a large crew eager to preach, purify and pull in new followers.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Chaplain No 1
Curator No 1
Station Engineer No 1
Acolyte No 6

Many religious groups develop a connection to their species respective homeworld as a location of divine significance. In many cases soil or other natural products originating from the planet are traded as valuable relics within the faith. The Shepherd-Class is constructed with a miniature biosphere containing soil imported from the human homeworld of Earth. Making it a ship of considerable spiritual value to religious sects within the Solar Confederacy, yet operates as an independent religious monetary.


The Shepherd is a specialized monastery ship designed for chaplain-styled gameplay. Featuring a centerpiece garden area that can be used for hydroponics and a large chapel area to the south. Many vital features such as the atmospherics, power, and medbay are rudimentary to encourage a focus on less advanced gameplay and roleplay interactions. Within the garden is a Sacred Oak which can be splashed with various reagents to give passive effects to anyone standing near it.

Starting equipment includes:

  • A complete hydroponics setup and a large garden area for planting.
  • Fully stocked library fit for Bookworm and any curators.
  • A fully equipped chapel complete with concession, confession booth, and morgue.
  • Six (6) Ion thrusters with a series of P.A.C.M.A.N generators for power.
  • A small surgeons room for rudimentary treatments and traditional medicine.
  • An atmospherics room containing a mixing chamber and filter to siphon external atmospheres from visited planets.
  • Blessed soil from the holy lands of Terra.

How Should I Pilot This?

The Shepherd is designed for roleplay first. Starting with only the bare essentials for gameplay but plenty of features for player expression and Chaplain/Curator gameplay. A fully equipped hydroponics setup and basic equipment in the surgeons room allow for a more challenging chemistry experience that is further enhanced by the sacred oak resting within the garden. Overall the Shepherd offers a slower start but ample space to modify to fit any role over time.