Hyena-class Wrecking Tug

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Basic Information
Short Name: Hyena-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: NGRV)
Crew Size: 7
Size: Medium
Tags: Mining, Combat
Buyable: Yes


The Hyena is a common salvage tug, frequently operated by the Gorlex Marauders for “salvage” missions on ICW-era Nanotrasen derelicts (and occasionally occupied outposts and ships). The Hyena features a fairly compact floor plan with a dedicated secure armory space and a fairly large cargo bay for its size, as well as a complement of high-grade hardsuits and mining equipment. The Hyena’s low cost and high demand in its niche has made it a very common sight on the Frontier in the years following the ICW, and despite their tight finances nearly all Gorlex Marauder splinter factions continue to acquire more.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Foreman Yes 1
Mechanic No 1
Wrecker No 2
Initiate No 2


The Hyena-class is operated by the 2nd Battlegroup of the New Gorlex Republic. Though it can stand it's own in a fight, it is intended as a salvage vessel.


The Hyena is a mining/salvage ship. Its capacity to obtain great minerals and dispatch more powerful fauna than other ships comes at the cost of just about anything that isn't mining or fighting.

As a Crewmember:

You're going to be mining, as is the nature of a mining ship. The Hyena's special gimmick is that you're also armed. This creates the need for ammunition, and balancing your gear between a soldier and a miner. Don't get too cocky, though.

As an Officer:

97% of the time, you will be sitting on the ship piloting the miners elsewhere. Perhaps it is in your best interest to barter for equipment you are lacking in with other ships, in exchange for your plentiful capacity to lift minerals off the earth.