Asclepius-class Hospital Ship

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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

Basic Information
Short Name: Asclepius-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: CMSV)
Crew Size: 12
Size: Large
Tags: Medical, Chemistry
Buyable: No


The Asclepius is a medical vessel employed by the CMM. Much in CMM fashion it features tight hallways and moderately sized personal quarters. Well stocked in medical supplies, this vessel is known for its capability of fulfilling extensive treatment for patients in sectors where such treatment is otherwise scarce. Stocked with a cryo lab, a morgue, a chemlab, and surgery room, the Asclepius rarely finds difficulty when provided all measures both preventative and restorative.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Mechanic No 1
Minuteman No 1
Cadet No 3
Field Medic No 3
Paramedic No 2
Chemist No 1

The Asclepius-class Hospital Ship is a very long ship with a focus on medical, having a large well-stocked medbay, medkit storage room, chemistry lab, seperate surgery room, and even a morgue.


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Mechanic Ship Engineer 1
Minuteman Security Officer 1
Field Medic Medical Doctor 3
Paramedic Paramedic 2
File:Indie chem icon.png Chemist Chemist 1
Cadet Assistants 3