Boyardee-class Entertainment Vessel

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This ship is being deprecated and may no longer be available in the future.

Basic Information
Short Name: Boyardee-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: ISV)
Crew Size: 9
Size: Medium
Tags: Service, Botany, RP Focus
Buyable: Yes


Named for an ancient Solarian folk hero known for providing food to the masses shortly after the Night of Fire, the Boyardee-class is a remarkably popular civilian vessel, and a welcome sight to any weary travelers tired of synthesized tap water and stale rations for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The Boyardee-class features a full bar, an advanced hydroponics setup, a large kitchen and an expansive seating area, perfect for serving hungry customers and thirsty colonists. During the early days of the Syndicate, associated organizations would often create their own retrofits of the Boyardee to serve as recruiting centers or “shore-leave” posts, though these variants have mostly ceased to exist in the Frontier.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Bartender No 1
Cook No 3
Botanist No 2
Janitor No 1
Waiter No 2

""Marketed as "the logical conclusion of the food truck's evolution", the Boyardee-class Entertainment Vessel is generally a welcome sight for weary space travelers. The ship class takes its name from a legendary chef of Solarian folklore who was said to have kept all of Earth fed in the months following the Night of Fire. Unlike many other classes of ship, the Boyardee picks one role - providing food and drink - and does it very well, at the expense of just about all other areas.

Still, it's not like it needs all the other fancy stuff other ships get. It's just an entertainment vessel, after all."
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy . (F.S. 502)


The Boyardee's main features consist of its full bar, kitchen, and botanical garden. The bar, or Canteen as it's called, features all the equipment you would find in a station bar! The kitchen meanwhile also serves as the bridge. On the bridge, you can also find the clothing vendors for chefs and bartenders, as well as a dinnerware vendor. Although the kitchen comes pre-stocked with flour, milk, eggs, sugar, rice, universal enzyme, and meat in the walk-in fridge next to botany, these resources will quickly run out. Thankfully, botany is right next to the kitchen, and comes stocked with a Megaseed Servitor in the Crew Quarters. While it is technically possible for whomever is doing botany to create crazy plants that do utterly deranged things, it's recommended that they focus their efforts towards keeping the kitchen stocked. Not just from growing fruits and vegetables, but also via stocking the Biogenerator and using it to produce milk and monkey cubes. While you can't do much with gathered materials, it does feature a set of rather good mining equipment, which you could use to sell materials to patrons on the side for more money.

List of standard equipment and features:

  • A fully equipped bar, kitchen, and botanical setup for long term food production.
  • A walk-in fridge room for storing and processing meat.
  • A crate filled with station-bounced radios, located in the Crew Quarters.
  • The Engine Room contains several toolboxes for maintenance and repairs, a mop and bucket with a water tank, and an ice cream machine!
  • Power generation includes a plasma PACMAN generator unit, with 5 sheets of plasma coming with it, all located in the Engine Room.
  • An ORM setup with above average mining equipment, featuring scanners, a GPS device, and 2 mining hardsuits, located in the Cargo Bay.
  • A standard wideband relay intercom on the table in the bridge. Use it to advertise yourself and attract patrons!
  • A medical aid kit that can be found in the bathroom, in case anyone gets hurt.


Icon Name Type Slots
Bartender Bartender
Acts as the captain, meaning if you buy one you will spawn as this role.
Cook Cook 5
Botanist Botanist 2
Janitor Janitor 1
Waiter Assistant 2


Look for people! At its core, this ship is one that's made for crews of other ships to visit and have a good time. As mentioned, you possess a wideband relay on the table in the bridge that you can use to broadcast your location. As for resource gathering, it's recommended that you focus on gathering plasma, as that is what fuels your engine. Iron, titanium, and glass are also good to have for maintenance, but all other resources will see limited use outside of trading.