Vaquero-class Light Frigate

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Basic Information
Short Name: Vaquero-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: IRMV)
Crew Size: 7
Size: Medium
Tags: Generalist
Buyable: Yes


The Vaquero is a flexible and cheap military conversion of a light commercial freighter, widely used by Inteq Risk Management Group for picket, reconnaissance, and light escort duty, or for contracts that don't warrant a larger, more specialized ship. Unlike most Inteq ships, the Vaquero features basic medical, engineering, and military equipment all in one package, and its minimal crew requirements are an excellent fit for Vanguards with a smaller command and for training missions. Like its peers, it features a large cargo bay, which can be reconfigured as needed.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Vanguard Yes 1
Master At Arms Yes 1
Artificer No 1
Corpsman No 1
Enforcer No 1
Recruit No 2


The Vaquero (in English, Cowboy) is the smallest ship in-game of the IRMG. What it lacks in space and specialization it makes up for in being a versatile platform for first-timers and bored veterans alike


The Vaquero is a generalist, which leaves it decent at most things, but good at none of them.

As a Crewmember:

The Vaquero is a pretty straightforward ship in the number of tasks it has. If you're not out defending your/another ship, you're probably going to mine some plasma for the engines.

If you are a Corpsman, be aware, you're the only medical staff onboard, and will probably be playing a mix of paramedic and medical doctor.

As an Officer:

The Vaquero and any other IRMG ships are best played with a specific, mercenary-related gimmick in mind. Offer contracts to other ships, or pursue missions for money. You're guns for hire (with a grudge against the Syndicate and Nanotrasen), so make sure to go for the highest bidder.

If you are the Master-At-Arms, you are the one in charge of the armory. Coordinate closely with your Captain to make sure who gets what, and why. Extra points for keeping inventory and filling out requisition forms.