SRM Glaive-class Hunter Vessel

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Basic Information
Short Name: Glaive-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SRSV)
Crew Size: 8
Size: Large
Tags: Mining, Combat, Specialist
Buyable: Yes


A standard issue vessel to the highest ranks of the Saint-Roumain Militia. While “standard”, this class of vessel is unique to the Montagne that owns it. Each ship is designed around a central garden consisting of plants, soil, and a tree from the owning Montagnes’ home planet. As a highly religious ascetic order, the SRM supplies each Glaive with supplies to farm, raise animals, and perform medicine in more “natural” ways, using herbs and plants grown in house. Alongside this, the ship has a decent amount of mining equipment, and supplies required to begin the manufacturing of SRM-pattern firearms as is standard for Hunter’s Pride. The ship is captained by a Montagne, who oversees a team of Hunters, and Shadows apprenticing them.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Hunter Montagne Yes 1
Hunter Doctor No 1
Hunter No 3
Shadow No 3


The Glaive-class is, at the moment, unavailable. The theme of the design is the available mining and hunting tools, while also being very roleplay oriented. It is also a gigantic, flying, armored, bloodborne reference.


The Glaive is very unique, as one of, if not the only ship with tribal-tier equipment and trickwines, a gimmick exclusive to the SRM. Recommended skills for crewing this ship involve knowledge of both survival, mining, and a tendency to focus on playing your character above else. As part of the SRM, the roleplay will be religious in nature, so make sure you have a dictionary handy.

As a Crewmember:

You will be hunting fauna and mining. I don't know what else to add here. Just don't get too high on the medicine, I guess.

As an Officer:

Apart from piloting the ship, you are to host religious rituals, and keep the crew invested in the culture of the SRM. Ceremonies and sermons for beginnings and endings, or important events.

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