Sunskipper-class Culinary Vessel

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Basic Information
Short Name: Sunskipper-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SV)
Crew Size: 6
Size: Medium
Tags: RP Focus, Service, Specialist
Buyable: Yes


The Sunskipper-class is a state-of-the-art culinary vessel found in the frontier. It's name is a wordplay between a Kalixcian species of butterfly and ship's unique solar-powered batteries. The Sunskipper is welcomed with open arms by weary spacers of greater paycheks, who are fatigued by the monotony of their everyday meals. The ship features a self-sustaining kitchen with hydroponics and a large, deluxe dining hall, designed to serve starved travelers. It also comes with a fully-stocked bar area that allows them to drink their troubles away, if even for a brief moment.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Manager Yes 1
Bartender No 1
Cook No 2
Waiter No 2

"Kid, with what this ship can do? You won't need any weaponry. The most you'll need is maybe a particularly strong crewman, some pepperspray, and a sense for when to close up shop, turn heel and run. No one's going to want to start shit when they've got all the cold beer and fresh steak they could ever need. And ice cream? Fresh produce? You're guaranteed to not go out of business, at minimum you can make the cost of the ship back! ..oh, about the weapons-"
— Manager of ISV Demeter about security measures of the Sunskipper.


The Sunskipper-class is a specialized culinary ship flying under no factional banners. It has appeared in the frontier shortly after the Boyardee-class production line was closed.

The Sunskipper is known for its well-equipped bar and kitchen areas, as well as a highly exclusive dining hall. The botany section on board allows the ship to be self-sufficient when it comes to ingredients, and it's unique solar-charged batteries allow for it when it comes to power.

This ship is focused on roleplay. Instead of all those deadly situations most ships get into, you'll be mostly stationary, waiting for hungry spacers to arrive.

List of standard equipment and features:

  • A fully equipped kitchen for producing many different kinds of meals.
  • A botany area that allows the kitchen to be self-sufficient.
  • A solar panel setup for generating power, as well as an emergency PACMAN generator.
  • A classy and spacious dining hall, where guests can comfortably sit down and enjoy their meals.
  • A fully stocked bar that grants a lot of roleplay potential.
  • A lobby area where guests wait for a table. Inside, there is also a blank plaque the manager can fill out with his fountain pen.
  • A subshuttle dock, that allows to have guests even in deep space.
  • A wideband relay intercom, a fax machine and a holopad, all of which can be used to advertise yourself in the sector and attract guests.
  • A first aid kit that can be found in the bathroom, in case anyone gets hurt.


The Manager - Logistics

  • You handle advertisement to other ships. The bridge and neighbouring office have plenty of ways to do it - you can advertise over fax, over wideband, over holopads, over newscaster, or whatever else comes to your mind. This task is extremely important, because if people don't know you exist, they cannot stop by for a meal!
  • You will also handle finances. This means setting up a menu with prices, buying equipment your crew needs.'
  • Third part of your job is managing your crew and making sure that everything in need of doing, is being done.

Cook and Bartender - Food-Making Process

  • You will focus on making food and drinks for guests to enjoy.
  • Cooks should cooperate with the Manager to set up a menu - this is a great way to reduce potential workload.
  • Cooks will, most likely, be the ones to handle botany too - altrough, that can be handled by pretty much anyone.
  • When it comes to bartending, it's worth mentioning that Sunskipper doesn't have drink dispensers - you are however given a booze-o-mat containing most bottles.

Waiter and Bartender - Service

  • You will spend the most time with guests. It's important to show off your good side, treat them well and be generally pleasant to be around, as that improves their dining experience.
  • While there are no guests in the restaurant, you can focus on other things, such as setting up tables, manning the front desk, cleaning, or simply taking a break.