Twinkleshine-class Heavy Cruiser

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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

Outdated information

This section contains out-of-date information that may no longer be relevant. Please consider revising it to keep this information up to date.
The provided reason is: "Outdated as of #1825"

Basic Information
Short Name: Twinkleshine-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SSV)
Crew Size: 16
Size: Large
Tags: Engineering, Combat, Service, Medical
Buyable: No


After the destruction of the larger Starfury-class Battle Cruisers during the Inter-Corporate War, Cybersun engineered the Twinkleshine as a replacement to fill the now-vacant flagship role. However, the war came to a close before any examples of this class could see combat. Now, they are kept as a valuable symbol of the Syndicate’s might and unity – in theory. As with the Starfury-class, Twinkleshine crews contain a mix of all Syndicate member factions as a matter of political necessity – none would consent to Cybersun operating such powerful ships alone. While Twinkleshine crews are supposedly selected for more diplomatic tendencies than one might expect, the political situation aboard a Twinkleshine is often delicate, particularly as tensions between the Syndicate’s corporate and anti-corporate elements continue to build. Nevertheless, they remain the most potent singular assets in the Syndicate’s combined arsenal, and frequently serve the role of power projection in Frontier space.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Flotilla Admiral Yes 1
Lieutenant Yes 1
Redshield Officer Yes 1
Medic No 2
Engineer No 2
Operative No 5
Bartender No 1
Miner No 1
Deck Assistant No 2

Features and Information

The Twinkleshine is a Syndicate Admin-Spawn ship that, despite having a silly name, is infact very well armed and a considerable threat (if the crew did not delaminate the supermatter within the first 15 minutes of the round).

List of standard equipment and features:
  • A supermatter(tm) shard engine! Make sure to be careful around engineering!
  • An armory with a brig, marine vendors and syndicate hardsuits, a flamethrower and a rocket launcher, a cryptographic sequencer, and a lot of ammo for all your shooty-shoot tasks and jobs.
  • A medbay with a SyndieMed plus, sleepers, a surgery room and stasis beds.
  • Two mass drivers, for launching trash into space and threatening POWs.
  • A space pod, for mining and whatnot.
  • A stocked-up bar.
  • Some spare space-suits.

Crew Capacities

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 Operative
  • 2 Medics
  • 2 Mechanics
  • 5 Troopers
  • 2 Deck Assistants

How Should I Pilot This?

The admin who spawned this probably gave you instructions to follow. If not, well, you're not good at anything except murdering! Use those guns of yours to get what you want! (Disclaimer: Don't be a meanie, follow the escalation checklist!)

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