Solar-class Research Vessel

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Clearly inspired by the design of the venerable NTSV-13 "Galaxy", the Solar-class Research Vessel was made by Nanotrasen to transport teams of scientists to distant away-sites. The Solar comes equipped with a set of equipment which can be used for detailed inquiry into certain scientific fields. This is in addition to a solid set of equipment for general operations, making a Solar-class one of the more livable vessels on the frontier.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Due to the strange development of the Solar, you can go multiple directions with the ship. It comes with a mech to disassemble, a R&D console, a well stocked medbay and good mining equipment. Rundown:

  • Several drills make this an excellent choice for a mining ship.
  • Medical is exceptionally stocked, and even comes with a chem master!
  • A P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C can be found in the research section. With the chem master, it is possible to make a helpful virus, although tedious without station medical facilities.
  • A well stocked kitchen.
  • The ship is powered by a single super PACMAN and SMES.
  • The ship is the only ship that comes with a fueling port as of the moment. This is mostly useless for now.

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