Schmiedeberg-class Pharmacology Ship

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Basic Information
Short Name: Schmiedeberg-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: IMV)
Crew Size: 7
Size: Medium
Tags: Botany, Medical, Chemistry
Buyable: Yes


Interested in pharmacological science, but tired of sitting in front of a chemistry dispenser and pushing buttons all day? Eager to combine the culinary arts with the narcotic ones? Hoping to combine all of these qualities with the most important activity of all: making fat stacks of dosh? Then the Schmiedeberg-class is for you! Host to a robust ghetto chemistry lab, a high-efficiency botanical set-up and a complete kitchen-and-storefront, the Schmiedeberg is perfect for back-alley chemists and botanists everywhere.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Chief Pharmacist Yes 1
Pharmacist No 1
Mixologist No 1
Herbalist No 2
Pharmacology Student No 2

The Schmiedeberg-class Pharmacology Ship is a moderate-sized ship with chemistry in mind, having plenty of pharmaceutical and botanical tools for creating and using all kinds of narcotics. It even has a small kitchen for those looking to mix drinks instead. It has 3 Ion Thrusters and the following job slots:


Icon Name Type Slots
Chief Pharmacist Chief Medical Officer
Acts as the captain, meaning if you buy one you will spawn as this role.
Pharmacist Chemist 1
Mixologist Bartender 1
File:Indie botany icon.png Herbalist Botanist 2
Pharmacology Student Assistants 2