Heron-Class Dreadnaught

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Basic Information
Short Name: Heron-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: NTSV)
Crew Size: 23
Size: Large
Buyable: No


The Heron-Class is the biggest ship available to NanoTrasen's frontier forces. These vessels served as the flagship of many fleets during the war, serving as a carrier for an operative team, or a command vessel for corporate units. Captains of this vessel were known to retrofit bluespace artillery onto the hangar, and directly fire it during combat. Since the end of the war, it has been repurposed for peacekeeping missions on backline sectors. Though the age of the design is starting to show, it stands as one of the remnants of NanoTrasen's once powerful hold over the cosmos.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Fleet Captain Yes 1
First Officer Yes 1
Head of Security Yes 1
Pilot Yes 1
Security Officer No 1
ERT Officer No 4
ERT Medical Officer No 1
ERT Engineering Officer No 1
Mech Pilot No 1
Engine Technician No 1
Chief Engineer Yes 1
Roboticist No 1
Medical Doctor No 1
Atmospheric Technician No 1
Quartermaster Yes 1
Cargo Technician No 1
Cook No 1
Janitor No 1
Assistant No 2
An ingame screenshot of the Heron