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Purchasable Box-class Hospital Ship, Boyardee-class Entertainment Vessel, Bubble-class Colonial Ship, Carina-class Solgov Issue Cutter, Cricket-class SolGov Issue Scout, Delta-class Frigate, Dwayne-class Long Range Mining Transport, Li Tieguai-class Rescue Ship, Kilo-class Mining Ship, Kugelblitz-class Experimental Vessel, Libertatia-class Hauler, Meta-class Freighter, Midway-class Atmospheric Tanker Ship, Osprey-class Exploration Ship, Riggs-class Sloop, Rube-Goldberg Class Engineering Project, Shepherd-class Space Monestary, Shetland-class Multipurpose Frigate, Skipper-class Heavy Cruiser, Solar-class Research Vessel, Tide-Class Salvage Ship,
Removed or unpurchasable Prague-Class Liberation Vessel, Pubby-class Mining Carrier, "Pubby" Unidentified Flying Object, Twinkleshine-Class Heavy Cruiser, Liberty-class Interceptor, Pill-Class Torture Device
Hauling the dreams of the Frontier

"Lore Excrept"

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A bit of a fixer-upper at the start as its name suggest the meta-class freighter comes with a very generous cargo bay for builds and storage. Of special note however is that this ship includes a fully functional Hydro bay with seed vendor allowing you to grow many exotic plants unavailable to to other ships with a skilled botanist.

Quick bullet rundown of features and equipment:

  • Fully stocked cantina, kitchen and hydro bay
  • autolathe, cell charger and recharger available from the start
  • Functioning Cargo consoles
  • Generous Cargo bay space
  • Janitorial supplies

What Roles?[edit | edit source]

The roles that can be selected aboard the Meta-class are as follows:

How Should I Pilot This?[edit | edit source]

Your ship starts the round off trashed. Your first objective should probably be to salvage some glass from your ship or dig some sand to make bulbs so you can actually see. Past this it would be wise to clean up the gibs and blood present around the ship before they can spread disease to your crewmates. Past this you should consider ordering or trading for hardsuits as your ship only starts with two hardsuits initially which can severely limit the amount of people that can work outside the vessel.

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