Meta-class Freighter

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Basic Information
Short Name: Meta-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: NTSV)
Crew Size: 8
Size: Medium
Tags: Generalist, Cargo
Buyable: Yes


The Meta-class is a medium freight vessel designed for comfort and sustainability over long journeys of delivering cargo. Most, if not all of these ships are no longer under the direct management of the Company, leaving regulation and professionalism at the behest of individual captains. They can be found running independent contracts, delivering cargo, smuggling illicit goods, and generally trying to stay afloat ever since the collapse of Nanotrasen's operations in the frontier.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Quartermaster Yes 1
Medical Doctor No 1
Ship Engineer No 1
Shaft Miner No 1
Cargo Technician No 1
Assistant No 2

"The Meta-class is a small freight vessel, and even before the ICW was a common sight on the Frontier as a tramp freighter, running independent contracts between the myriad outposts of the area (with, occasionally, some smuggling or mining on the side). Since the collapse of Nanotrasen’s logistics network in the Frontier region, Meta-classes operating in this capacity have exploded in popularity, and are likely to remain a very common sight wherever larger corporations such as Donk! Co. have yet to establish market dominance"
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy . (F.S. 502)


A bit of a fixer-upper at the start as its name suggest the meta-class freighter comes with a very generous cargo bay for builds and storage. Of special note however is that this ship includes a fully functional Hydro bay with seed vendor allowing you to grow many exotic plants unavailable to to other ships with a skilled botanist.

Quick bullet rundown of features and equipment:

  • Fully stocked cantina, kitchen and hydro bay
  • autolathe, cell charger and recharger available from the start
  • Functioning Cargo consoles
  • Generous Cargo bay space
  • Janitorial supplies


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Quartermaster Quartermaster 1
Ship's Doctor Medical Doctor 1
Ship's Engineer Ship Engineer 1
Shaft Miner Shaft Miner 1
Assistant Assistants 3

How Should I Pilot This?

Your ship starts the round off trashed. Your first objective should probably be to salvage some glass from your ship or dig some sand to make bulbs so you can actually see. Past this it would be wise to clean up the gibs and blood present around the ship before they can spread disease to your crewmates. Past this you should consider ordering or trading for hardsuits as your ship only starts with two hardsuits initially which can severely limit the amount of people that can work outside the vessel.