Luxembourg-class Delivery Vessel

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Basic Information
Short Name: Luxembourg-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SSV)
Crew Size: 8
Size: Medium
Tags: Robotics, Cargo
Buyable: Yes


A dual-purpose delivery vessel and mobile storefront, Luxembourgs make up a substantial portion of Donk! Co.’s fleet on the Frontier, where the ever-opportunistic corporation has begun to fill the gaps left behind by the collapse of Nanotrasen’s logistics network. Donk! Co. managers have a great degree of autonomy, and so any given Luxembourg will often bear substantial modifications to the sales floor and on-board cafe, the better to entice new customers in an unstable yet lucrative region of space.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Manager No 1
Customer Service Representative No 5
Food and Beverage Specialist No 1
GEC Contracted Engineer No 1


The Luxembourg is the designated Syndicate merchant ship operated by Donk! Co. Staffed by presumably minimum wage workers, it is a very service and cargo oriented ship, with a goal towards selling food and gear.


As a Crewmember:

Your collective objective with your Manager will probably be making the most profit. If you're the Bartender, it's a good idea if you know how to work the cafe's dispensers. Be courteous, and always try to offer more to the client.

If you're not the Bartender, keep an inventory of the stock, and try to make sales over wideband, or holopad. Reach out to allied or friendly vessels to sell them gear, making sure it's relevant to their respective ship - if it's a medical ship, perhaps they're lacking in tools or food.

As a Manager:

You need to be insistent. Players will most likely not come out to your vessel's storefront, so it's very essential that you make sure to draw them out yourself. Use extensive marketing.

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