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This ship has been completely removed from the game files.

An instance of a so-called "Tide-class" vessel.

The Tide-class vessel is, in fact, not an official vessel class, but rather the name for a general group of designs crafted from the ruins of old ships or stations. Its name originates from the term used to describe an influx of such ships into spacer territories, commonly called "The Tide," or "The Grey Tide," referring to the unpainted, grey hulls of the ships in question. The crew of these ships typically bear a sense of disdain to ordinary power structures, and usually have no defined captain, or even owner, of the vessel.


The Tide is one of the cheaper ships available, and its quality certainly reflects this, however, like the Bubble-class, it is fully equipped with everything needed to expand into a fully functional ship, should you desire it. Additionally, while the ship is equipped with everything you need to expand, the items are all still locked up in their original secure lockers from whatever ruin this ship was made out of, and you will need to find some way to break them open.

Quick bullet-point rundown of features:

  • A somewhat standard set of material refinement equipment, however, we were unable to find standard shovels for the kit, so you will have to make do.
  • One(1) P.A.C.M.A.N. engine, with enough plasma to keep you fueled on your way to your first planet.
  • An atmospherics system consisting of a scrubbers loop and a single can of O2, you will probably need to find some way to produce air if you want to expand.
  • A backup engine running on crude oil, and held together by duct-tape and sheer force of will, you had better hope you don't need to use this.
  • A set of R&D boards, likely stolen.
  • A safe left behind from the scrap this ship was made from, containing the mythical Spare ID.
  • A small cockroach infestation.

How Should I Pilot This?

The Tide class is an interesting challenge that will put all the skills you've learnt in maintenance to the test. Once starting your first goal should be to break or hack into the engineering section in order to gain access to your power generation and fix a few details that might have been missed in your inspired junkship. This section will also contain a locked engineering and medical locker that will enable you to fix wounds with no material cost other than time, enable you to complete dissections for research gains and extra tools and materials for breaking into more places. To gain access to these lockers you will need to assemble a spear and throw it at the lockers until they open. After you have your basic supplies and power set up your pretty free to do what you want, feel free to remodel the interior and exterior of the ship as you please to facilitate your growing crew and the machines you acquire from research. Also note that you your only source of spare oxygen for your ship is a single canister in your engineering bay so be careful as an outer hull breach can easily depressurize your vessel.

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