Twinkleshine-class Heavy Cruiser

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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

Basic Information
Short Name: Twinkleshine-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SSV)
Crew Size: 16
Size: Large
Tags: Engineering, Combat, Service, Medical
Buyable: No


After the destruction of the larger Starfury-class Battle Cruisers during the Inter-Corporate War, Cybersun engineered the Twinkleshine as a replacement to fill the now-vacant flagship role. However, the war came to a close before any examples of this class could see combat. Now, they are kept as a valuable symbol of the Syndicate’s might and unity – in theory. As with the Starfury-class, Twinkleshine crews contain a mix of all Syndicate member factions as a matter of political necessity – none would consent to Cybersun operating such powerful ships alone. While Twinkleshine crews are supposedly selected for more diplomatic tendencies than one might expect, the political situation aboard a Twinkleshine is often delicate, particularly as tensions between the Syndicate’s corporate and anti-corporate elements continue to build. Nevertheless, they remain the most potent singular assets in the Syndicate’s combined arsenal, and frequently serve the role of power projection in Frontier space.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Flotilla Admiral Yes 1
Lieutenant Yes 1
Redshield Officer Yes 1
Medic No 2
Engineer No 2
Operative No 5
Bartender No 1
Miner No 1
Deck Assistant No 2

"An anarchist, a corpo, a mercenary, a pirate, a science bachelor, and an engineer walk into a bar."

— Liberation Front representative Doug Cross on the subject of the Syndicate Coalition


The Twinkleshine-class is, in theory, the largest display of firepower that the Syndicate Coalition can muster in any given occasion. Armed with enough equipment to distribute between one fireteam of infantry and some more, stocked with enough medical supplies to support any offensive, topped off by mustering a supermatter crystal engine and almost entirely self-sustaining, it would be foolish to dare to take one head-on.

While the Twinkleshine has the destructive firepower and the auxiliary equipment to back it up, it offsets this by being the only Syndicate vessel with at least one member of each faction within it. Due to the fractured nature of the Syndicate, this flares massive tensions between different components of the crew, as each might be working for their own section's agenda. This creates an interesting problem for crewmembers, as they have to balance furthering any of their goals while keeping the vessel functioning without drawing any suspicion.

Outside of the ideological tension contained with the ship, it is a spacious boat with a large central hallway, dividing sections of the ship into approximately 5 sectors, each by their respective function. Though omitting certain roles like robotics or cargo, the strength in its medical, engineering and military condition, each featuring almost edge-cutting equipment unmatched by any other ship.

Things of note:

  • Full set of telecommunications
  • Well-stocked medical bay with roundstart chemistry equipment
  • A ridiculous amount of offensive armament, including a Gygax mecha
  • A supermatter engine housing two engineers
  • A bar to drown out sorrows in
  • Two mech (or prisoner) launchers


This ship is intended as an event-only ship. Under the ideal circumstances, it should be a fun test of the knowledge and ability one has to represent the faction they are playing. By extension, you are expected to know the bare minimum.

Read the lore. Seriously.

As a Captain:

You have a hard job ahead. Your primary objective, if not the destruction of another vessel, will almost always be keeping the ship intact, while remaining reasonable and taking accountability for what might happen to it. This is considerably harder than it sounds, especially if the Twinkleshine's role as an event-only ship is fulfilled.

It is worth noting that, unlike the regular commanding elements of a ship, you are a Flotilla Admiral. While you are still outranked by every other admiral (read: admins), you also outrank every other Syndicate personnel within sector. Don't let it get to your head, but don't forget about it either.

As a Crewmember:

Depending on what job you have decided to take, you'll have a different idea on what to do and who is who, but for the most part, the major difference is that the other crew are, probably, not your friends. This doesn't mean you shouldn't work together and that you should barricade yourself with your ideologically similar coworkers in a room to discuss murder plans, but it does mean you'll have something more than just your job on your hands.

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