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This ship is being deprecated and may no longer be available in the future.


This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.


This ship has been completely removed. There is no way to spawn it, even by admins.

Outdated information

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Dwayne-class Long Range Mining Transport Mark.II
Basic Information
Short Name: Dwayne-class
Manufacturer: Nanotrasen Spaceworks
Faction: Independent
Crew Size: 9
Propulsion: Hybrid (Plasma/Ion)
Buyable: Yes
This ship in in the round start ship pool. This means it may spawn round start even when a player has not bought it. You can still buy this ship regardless if the ship spawned round start or not.

  • The first Shiptest ship
  • Specializes in mining equipment
  • Comes with three winchesters

"An earlier product produced by Nanotrasen Spaceworks, the Dwayne-class was originally a dedicated shuttle carrier intended as a replacement for expensive planet or asteroid-side mining installations. However, due to the project running into endless logistics issues, the original Dwayne-class with it's shuttles were only mass-produced for Nanotrasen Stations.

After the Corporate Wars, Looking to make a quick buck and salvage what they could from the large number of hulls they had ready, Nanotransen sold the rest of these hulls to the civilian market without the shuttles. Redesigned to replace one of the empty bays with a generous cargo bay, the Mark.IIs turned out to be a smash hit. It is often said on the frontier that you can identify a captain by his Dwayne as no two Dwaynes look alike."
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy. (F.S. 502)


The Dwayne class is a good generalist ship designed around mining. It comes with an equipped med-bay and despite being a smaller ship, it comes with a lot of free space to work with. The empty bay can be used to either store a smaller ship or for any construction work you need. Just be sure to fill the bay with oxygen, first. It is also self-sufficient off the bat coming with a fully functioning solar array and external doors on the sides and back allowing the Dwayne to easily access deposits around it wherever it lands. This in combination with the ship's free space for loot and building makes the Dwayne extremely attractive for both miners and engineers.

Things of note:

  • ORM and Ore Silo
  • Great starting mining gear and equipment
  • Repurposable starboard hangar
  • Solar array
  • Unique .38 hunting design disk


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Foreman Quartermaster 1
Ship's Doctor Medical Doctor 1
Ship's Engineer Ship Engineer 1
Asteroid Miner Shaft Miner 2
Deckhand Assistant 3


Outdated information

This section contains out-of-date information that may no longer be relevant. Please consider revising it to keep this information up to date.
The provided reason is: "No reason provided."

The Dwayne is a good starter ship as it starts off with a powerful solar grid and extra generators. This means you can take it easy at the start and pursue whatever goals you like. However past your initial material gathering you may run into a wall with your progression due to your lack of RnD so it may be worth keeping an eye on wideband to see if you can trade your material bounty for some initial research and components.

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